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Michael Kashuba  |  Director, (806) 378-3056


The City of Amarillo Parks and Recreation's mission is: "To enhance the quality of life for Amarillo citizens through quality Parks, Programs, and People."

The parks, open spaces, and recreational facilities serve as an important function for the City of Amarillo. The park system provides a quality contingent upon recreational opportunities for individuals while protecting the natural environment with 2,906 acres dedicated to parks, golf, and open areas. Amarillo's parks and open space facilities consist of school parks and playgrounds, linear and ornamental parks, community, and regional parks.

Amarillo's Parks & Recreation is comprised of Park Administration, Park Maintenance, Zoo, Recreation, Athletics, Golf, Senior Services, and Special Events. Throughout the year, the department provides a wide variety of recreational and leisure opportunities for individuals of all ages. With the Park Guide, information on various programs and opportunities are relayed so anyone can take advantage of them. The Parks & Recreation also works with local radio and television outlets to promote the programs and activities so citizens and visitors stay in the loop.

The City of Amarillo Parks and Recreation is proud to have sponsored programs, activities, and events that touched countless participants over the years. Additionally, thousands of individuals have taken advantage of the parks, trails, and open spaces available to them throughout the Amarillo communities.

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