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The Amarillo Parks and Recreation Department operates under the following mission:


"To enhance the quality of life for Amarillo citizens through quality Parks, Programs, and People".


Parks:  Parkland, open space, and recreational facilities serve an important function for the City.  The park system improves the quality of life by providing recreational opportunities for people and protecting the natural environment.  Park and open space facilities are comprised of school playgrounds, school parks, linear and ornamental parks, neighborhood, community, and regional parks.  Of the 2,906 acres dedicated to parks, golf and open areas, 2,083 acres are developed for public use, which includes the two 36-hole golf complexes containing 732 acres of land. 

Programs:  The Parks & Recreation Department is comprised of several divisions to include Park Administration, Park Maintenance, Athletics, Aquatics, Recreation, Special Events, Golf, Tennis and the Zoo.  On an annual basis, the department provides a wide variety of recreational and leisure opportunities for all ages and interests.  Information regarding the department and the many opportunities it provides is available in a number of print media to include our Park Guide and Summer In The City publications, brochures, fliers, water bill inserts, newspaper printings and public service announcements.  The department also works with local radio and television outlets to promote our programs and activities.  Information can also be found electronically at www.amarilloparks.org.


People:  The Parks & Recreation Department is proud to have sponsored or co-sponsored programs, activities or events that touched over 650,000 participants this past year.  In addition, thousands of other individuals have taken advantage of the parks, city lakes, trails and open spaces available to them throughout the community.


Recent Accomplishments

Hamlet Splash Pad

Lawndale, Oakdale & River Road Irrigation Replacements

Hamlet Park Improvements (playground & walkway lighting)

Sunrise & Hamlet Irrigation Replacement
Willow Vista & Ellwood Park Playgrounds



Ellwood Park Sand Volleyball Courts
Southeast Park Horsehoe courts (10 courts)
City View & Greenways Lighting
Westover Village Splashpad
Zoo Education Center
Rick Klein Sports Complex Multi-Use Fields
Ross Rogers Golf Complex - Mustang Course



Park Projects for 2015 


New Score Boards at Southwest and Martin Rd Softball Complexes

Concrete Volleyball Courts & Sidewalk at Ellwood Park

New Restroom at Ross Rogers Golf Course

Playground Improvements John Stiff Memorial Park

New Splashpad at Glenwood Park




Parks & Recreation Commission


Rob Chafin – Chairman


Terry Easterling, David Hudson, Renee McCown,  & George Deloux

Purpose:  To advise the City Council and Park staff on matters related to the Parks & Recreation Department.


Meetings:  The Park Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall (509 S.E. 7th Ave), Room #306.


Staff Contact:  Rod Tweet, Parks & Recreation Director (806) 378-3037 or rod.tweet@amarillo.gov

Park Master Plan

The Park Master Plan is part of the overall City of Amarillo's Comprehensive Plan. The Park Master Plan is a guide to the continued development of the Amarillo Park System.  To review current park master plan click on Departments at the top of the page, then special interests area locations, and on parks master plan.


Marketing Plan

The marketing plan focuses on increasing citizen awareness, support, participation and pride in the Amarillo Parks & Recreation Department and the services it has to offer.  The Plan serves as a guide that assists staff in achieving our mission statement. A copy of the Marketing Plan is available upon request.


Questions or Comments?  Please contact Rod Tweet, Director Parks & Recreation (806) 378-3037 or rod.tweet@amarillo.gov